art blog? yes. sometimes ill whisper thoughts at the void.
call me Nier.

who am i...

I have opened headshot commissions!

The payment will be done via Paypal and the detailed info is there
If you can't afford to buy one, please reblog! Thank you!

the sheer homosexuality that i feel when there is a closeup of a lady's face in star trek tos

clip studio paint goes on sale just when i used all my money. fucking incredibleee

when i was little i thought that thanksgiving was american christmas

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rah -

My creative juice is dry but still wanted to draw. Decided to recreate an image that I came across because I miss drawing food. I want Goku's stomach and appetite.

Here's the original image from Dragon Ball Z.

streamed hollow knight and then osu to a friend and had a great time! went all emotional about my failures in art at the end and sang for him ^v^ friendship.

thinking about talking like this, nya. also thinking about adding signatures to my drawings, nya nya.


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Announcing Inkwell

staff -

Hello friends,

As some of you might have heard by now, AO3 has gone down a very dark path as of late, alowing users to write and upload sexual content of real, underage people. This is a significantly different matter from allowing it of characters from anime and such, but, from what AO3 staff have said, it's sanctioned. (TW on those links for pedophilia).

So, I'm here to announce today an acceleration of my existing plans, and introduce you to Inkwell!

What's Inkwell?
Inkwell is a writing site, in a similar vein to AO3, with a few core differences.

What kind of stuff can be posted on Inkwell?
Fiction and writing projects of all kinds, including essays, character analyses, chaarcter profiles for your OCs etc. Original works, not tied to any existing fandom, are very welcome!

What stuff can't be posted?
Sexual content involving characters aged under 18, or stuff involving real people. Anything else is a go.

How will it integrate with Waterfall?
The plan as of write now is that you can post writing on Inkwell, and then, if you want to, cross-post it to Waterfall using a fancy button on the site. Then, it'll make a nice, pre-formatted special kind of art post for you that links to the site. Partly because the Waterfall format isn't amazing for long-form writing, and partly because Inkwell can have some formatting options that WF can't support. This forms the writing upgrade to Art posts.

The slip in the first sentence wasn't intentional but I'm keeping it because it's funny

When will it be available?
I need a short break for a mental reset from WF, so I'm actively working on this right now. Beta could be up within a couple of days - Patrons ( hint hint) may get early access with everyone else being let in later, if they don't vote to release it to everyone immediately.

Why though?
AO3 has started allowing people to upload sexual content involving real minors. I think we can agree we need somewhere else now.

Yes, this is another spite project, though it was also planned months ago.

When will it be available?
It'll be available for patrons to beta test in the nexrt few days. Once we've worked out the major bugs, it'll go public.

Will the site defend our right to write fanworks as much as AO3?
Yes. I'll do everything in my power to protect the users of the site and, if I am being pressured about a certain work, that user will be notified as soon as possible in private so we can work together on the matter.

What sort of features will it have?
If AO3 has it, Inkwell will have it. It'll just take a little time, especially the tagging system - but we will get there.

Feel free to hop in the Discord to discuss!

everytime or so ill get a bit obsessed i guess with something to buy it or the idea of having it, spending hours searching for places that sell it or imaginando what i would do with it or how would i feel when i see it for the first time. anyways. tomorrow im going to buy my latest one, some pretty good headphones and i really hope that they are available (theres one left in the shop) bcs if it isnt ill have a meltdown and that wont be pretty.

i told my grandma that i could take care of my aunt with alzheimers at night if she wanted and she basically said "no bcs ur autistic" but the Way that she said it was SO funny to me i cant understand why
i guess what comes next its ableistic

"the sick cannot take care of the sick"
she has a vague idea of what autism is but she wont let me help her even tho her health is declining bcs im Sick. i know that maybe she meant the depression and the other things but she hasnt let that stop me from helping her when she didnt know that i had the Autisms

i have a vocal stim that embarrasses me bcs its just going NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA very loudly.