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naiad knitting tales makes me want to put the knitting sticks that i got from my aunts room to use, may she rest in peace but i wouldnt know where to start


So I do loom knitting because it's just what's easiest for me, but definitely just check out different youtube channels and videos that say they're for beginners!

There are so many different knitters on youtube, so just look around until you find someone who describes things in a way that you're comfortable with and that makes sense. The first couple videos I watched really had me confused until I found someone who really did everything step-by-step until the very end of the project.

GoodKnitKisses has a lot of loom videos which is why I followed her, but she also does crochet and regualr knitting and has a ton of really detailed videos and "knit along with me" videos where you can just do exactly what she does the whole time :)

It's an incredibly rewarding hobby and especially if you're already interested in yarn crafts!

I believe @phantomflame03 on here is also into knitting and does it the traditional style so she may be able to offer some advice too!

Best of luck if you do decide to get into it! I'd suggest trying small thing first and going from there c:


thank you very much bestie <3