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I do love you

It’s 9 PM and Mother is losing her patience.

The first thing, you know it because there is a clock in the living room (that’s a lie. that clock is broken with it’s hands in 06:40.

Mother made sure that your inner clock was precise).

You can’t change that. It’ll be 9 PM you like it or not.

The second thing, you know it as much by deduction and by the fact that your eyes still work, thanks.

You take great pleasure in finding things in your life that you can modify, change shape as you want (like how Mother does to you). You may not have any kind of power over Time, but you can choose (what a wonderful act!) not look directly at Mother in all day, only for the satisfaction that you haven’t been deprived of your will. And! Not only haven’t you looked at her, you haven’t spoken to her either (which doesn’t count as much in your case, sadly. You would like (Love!) to see her expression, if you weren’t Daniel, but a human child that talks wildly like the kids that you seen on the streets, if one day you stopped talking and she spoke, yelled to the void, waiting for an answer).

In the last two hours, Mother’s perfect mask-horrid blue eyes that seem to be cheap imitations made of plastic, a perfect? Human mouth with aalll its teeth (and a bit of labial) and that disgusting upturned nose -has been slowly sliding down her body.

Thirty minutes ago, when you didn’t answer to her offer of another plate of food, little holes started to appear in her perfect-but-fake hands (You almost screamed when you saw them, but you couldn’t let her see how much her form horrorizes you, not until you have almost won the game).

However, like everything, that little victory couldn’t last. You know what will happen in a few minutes (09:25 already? How novel!), that stupid routine of all nights that you have never been able to avoid, Her little Family Game.

(you are bored)

(You have tried to convince yourself that you’ll win, but inside you-besides those tissues that Mother laments not being able to touch- is buried the certainty that she will win, she will win like she does every night, every day).

(until she grows bored too and decides to go for your intestines)

Its 09:30PM and you haven’t gone to bed.

(not until you have her permissiom)

You hear footsteps getting near and you start to play with the sleeves of your pajamas.




You look at the door. The knob its turning s l o w l y

and. It opens

and Mother has lost her patience.

(oh god)mother is at the door(help)her mask is broken (help)with her eyeseyeseyeseyeshundredeyes(PLEASE)blackholesstaringdirectlyatyoursoul(HELP)andhermouthandhermuscles(PLEASE)HELPHELPNOTAGAINNOTNOT


“You have not said your goodbays”


“What are you waiting for, dear?”


“I am your Mother.”


“After ignoring me all day. Can you not see how much you hurt me with your childish attitude?”

(no, get away.)

“What would happen if you go to sleep without having said goodbye to your Mother? If you do not wake up alive tomorrow?”

(because of you?)

“Come on, Daniel.”

“Do not make this more difficult for me than it already is.”


you raise your eyes and lick your lips.


(your mouth is dry)


(Mother, with her thousand of eyes and nightmarish body, hasn’t moved from the door).

“Goo-“your voice cuts.


(Mother stares at you)

“I love you, Mother”

(like there were thousands of insects under her skin,

and her flesh moves to show you her smile

beautiful smile, mother smiles with all her body


“Mother loves you too, Daniel.”

(and she closes the door).



i was held at gunpoint to make this version