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this room is not for eating

fallow -

oooh this has such an ambiance,, v neat to look at...def feel like theres story here

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you can pry this found family from my cold dead hands

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kanaya-maryam -

LUSH Series - Gouache by Madeleine Bellwoar

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Hey everyone! You probably hear about the user named rainbowburst , so...well it's me I remade because I got some problems in the control social media system. Anyway can you plz reblog it and maybe warn my mutuals and let them know I'm fine

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I just wanted to mess around with different styles but then I remembered that I haven't drawn my son Kieran in forever, so here's a lil something to make up for that ✊😔

This was supposed to be just a sketch but it looked good as it is, so I'm declaring this finished 😌😂

Aranea serket in a dream bubble (Homestuck)

Hewwo! i simp aranea uwu <3

Dancestors | my personal headcanons |( Homestuck )

I like this headcanons in particular, but i can draw them in almost all human headcanons too! :DDD. If you would like a sketch with you headcanons for one of the dancestors i can try and draw them nvn <3

Roxy lalonde fan pesterquest sprites ( Homestuck )

I was a little disapointed about roxys pesterquest talksprites so i made my own version a few months ago! :DDD.

Fantroll pesterquest sprites ( Homestuck )

Hi!, this is my favorite draw :DDD. She is gliese , own of my fantrolls :DDD

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teamea -

Kanamori Sayaka

This is a close-up of my #SixFanarts drawings

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he be like SQUEAK does he has a mouth?

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i make a game where bob overthrows the empire au..

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sollux-captor -

Gina Lollobrigida on the set of Solomon and Sheba (1959)

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Boots | Maniatis Bottier | 1900-1920

Maniatis, who was born in Greece, provided customized footwear for the likes of Cary Grant and Jean Gabin from his Paris shop in the ninth arrondissement. His location, near the Pigalle red-light district, perhaps helps to explain the design of these boots. They do not appear to be made for the stage, as their soles-original-are only lightly worn. They are also not of any fashionable style of the 1920s. In fact, they are most similar to late-nineteenth-century designs. While the exaggeratedly high and narrowed heel suggests a detail originating in the fetish community, the uppers appear to be cobbled from the conventional design of a Belle Époque boot but with the addition of another panel to extend it over the thigh.

Although The Costume Institute collection comprises fashionable examples of dress and accessories from the last three centuries, an exception was made for these fetish boots, with their extremely high and tapered heels. The boots anticipate by at least a decade the stiletto heels of postwar fashion and illustrate the incorporation of designs originating from a world of highly specialized and esoteric tastes into the larger, ostensibly more normative, culture. The tendency of fashion to co-opt taboo and exotic elements from other periods, cultures, or, as in this instance, the demimonde, is one strategy employed for its constant reinvigoration.


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Testing out Sai2 with my boy Ashley!

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oh god oh fuck this crush isn't going away oh fuck I'm yearning oh Jesus Christ there are feelings in my heart

moon -

"Why don't you just admit your crush" what are you a cop

moon -

What are you a cop

babushka -

Thell them

moon -

mier -

how did it go

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autiestella -

stella think is kindof nice when kid shows make episode abt autism
but at same time, sad tropes happen alot
stella's least fav is where autistic character not explain self - is family or friend who explain for them, even if right there & could do themself
always make stella feel like show creators imply that autistic character not even understand they autistic, which ... is no good

so stella propose new idea for kid show autism episode:

  • new kid joins class, let's say new kid name jamie - jamie is nonverbal autistic AAC user

  • some classmates curious abt jamie - ask lots of questions, like "why do not talk?" or "why move hands like that?"

  • jamie answers simple, "is too hard" or "feels nice, helps me understand"

  • classmates actually accept answers, & go back to own things

  • then, notice things like how jamie wear "big clunky headphones?" sometimes - jamie explains, sometime things get so loud, can hurt bad - so this stops from hurt

  • or, how jamie never around at lunchtime - jamie not able eat around many people, too much smell and chatter, so eats in hallway

  • in short: any time classmates question things abt jamie, is jamie who answer

  • after lot of time around jamie, classmates try mimic stim, or try out not talking for a day, to see how jamie feel. but they still not understand - so finally, they ask jamie if they doing smth wrong!

  • jamie laughs! no, no, they explain, classmates not doing wrong - jamie just autistic. just like classmates not able totally get how jamie think, jamie also not able totally get how they think, and is OK! jamie happy have people who so interest in them

  • episode ends w everyone go out for ice cream, & jamie become part of main friendgroup :)

unrealistic ask? maybe
but stella would love? YES

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This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

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jupiter has some amazing colours huh?

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wish i was playing dnd rn

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Another info set