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extract of one of my stories:

Sometimes you forget that your dear Tabris is not a human being. She can act in extrange ways, yes, but you didn’t mind at the beggining and eventualy, you got used to it. You were seated in the fast food local for 2 hours .She didn’t order anything, and you finished your order in fifty minutes.
The only things left in your plate were the chicken wings’ bones.

She spoke.



pointed at your plate with her finger.

“Will you eat that?”


“No.” You pushed the plate towards her, sporting little tremors in your hands.

“All yours.”

Tabris smiled and took a few. She opened her mouth to its limit. And she continued opening it.

Her cheeks teared apart and her jaw seemed to dislocate all of the sudden. You could see all her flesh, muscles that did not belong in a human body change places without any effort, a serpent-like tongue work its way forwards, towards her hand. Her tongue grabed the bones and

put them inside her mouth.

The sound that the bones made snapped you out of your stupor.
you tried to ignore how she continued with the rest of the bones and started talking about what to do the next day.

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